Environment: CDS Holding’s 2021 budget is sustainable

At the end of the checks carried out by EY Spa, it was confirmed by the Sustainability Report drawn up that the Sustainability Report of CDS Holding Spa, relating to the financial year ended 31/12/2020, was drawn up in a manner in compliance with the requests of the GRI Standards .

The urgency of responding in an innovative way to the critical issues of today’s world moves the top management of CDS Holding to responsibly contribute to this important cause, transparently making new choices on how its products, services, operations and activities impact on the Earth , people and economies.


Talking about sustainable development means reaching the goal of satisfying the needs of the current generation, keeping in mind that the ability of future generations to meet their own needs must not be compromised.

It is starting from this assumption that CDS Holding, in the awareness of playing an important role in society in achieving this objective, has promptly taken steps to have its 2020 sustainability report drawn up and published, already available and consultable on its official website .

Leading CDS Holding on this path is EY Spa, a global network of professional management consultancy, auditing, taxation, transactions and training services, as well as one of the Big Four, the four largest and most important companies in the sector.

About CDS Holding

CDS Holding is a Developer and General Contractor operating throughout Italy since 1993. So far, its focus has been on commercial projects, from stand-alone retailstores to retail parks and new shopping centres, such as ADIGEO in Verona and AURA in Rome, as well as on the renovation of existing centres, such as ARCHIMEDES in Syracuse.

By market strategy, the projects are now based on diversification, also addressing other sectors of the real estate market, such as that of a five-star hotel in Rome, Waterfront di Levante, the renovation, with mixed functions, of the fair area in Genoa designed by Renzo Piano, various logistical projects and now also student residences in collaboration with CDS Living.